Privacy Policy

KnowledgeSatellite Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") appreciates the importance of private information and hereby establishes the following stipulations pertaining to the handling of private information in the possession of the Company, and strives for private information protection.

<In case the Company is offered private information>

 The Company acquires private information by legitimate and an appropriate way, leaves no doubt on the information use purpose and treats properly private information within the scope of the information use purpose.

<In case the Company uses private information>

 The company does not use private information for improper purposes other than agreed-upon by customers.

<Purposes for use of private information>

 Private information acquired by the Company shall be used for the purposes of billing, supplying of customization of solutions, improving service quality and contacting customers.

<Third party supply of private information>

 The Company will not deposit or furnish entrusted private information in possession of the Company to any third party unless customers have consented to such disclosure. Where the Company is, however, required by judiciary authorities and administrative organs with any legal obligation to do so by law, the Company may disclose your information to a relevant authority.

<Safety measures to protect private information>

 The Company undertakes reasonable safety measures to properly protect entrusted private information in possession of the Company from loss, destruction, unauthorized leakage, falsification and unauthorized access.
In case the objective of private information use is achieved and the private information has not been used over a period of time, the Company makes a judgmental decision that there no longer needs to retain entrusted private information, and in order to prevent a leakage of entrusted private information, entrusted private information of the customer should be subject to being erased.

<Private information inquiries from customers>

 In case the Company receives requests from customers, for confirmation, modification, updating, and deletion of registered contents about customers’ own private information, the Company will take necessary measures within a reasonable range.
With a view to practicing an approach to achieving sate and accurate protection of private information, the Company appropriately reviews the measures in this policy and endeavors to make continuous improvements.

Private Information Proper Management Policy

Established as of April 1, 2016
KnowledgeSatellite Inc.
Representative and CEO
Nobuaki Tanaka

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